“Fermada is a YMB brand.” YMB Technological Products Marketing Industry. Inc. was established in 2013 in order to market the original products within the A GROUP and to continue domestic distributorship activities of various international manufacturers. In addition to these activities, it also plans to provide professional market research and development, representation services, import and export services.

YMB, which has over 40 years of manufacturing experience of A GROUP, aims to add new brands and values ​​to the national economy by playing an active role in the domestic and international marketing of products that will create added value for our country and industrial sectors.

The company started its research and studies in Tuzla Istanbul Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone and immediately signed the first distributorship agreement in the field of automation. At the same time, it conducts supplier and customer development studies for optimum opportunities that will support the capabilities of A GROUP companies with a long-standing prestige in the automotive and white goods industry and improve their business areas. The main capabilities of the group companies are: Plastic Injection, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Manual and Automatic Painting, Screen Printing, Metal Injection and Processing, Air Conditioning Heat Exchanger Manufacturing, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Automation and Prototype Design and Manufacturing, R&D and Product-Development projects. . It is a structure that can provide these services professionally not only for the capabilities or brands of group companies, but also for non-group companies. Accordingly, YMB Teknolojik Ürünler Pazarlama San. Inc. looks confidently into the future and sees all its stakeholders as business and project partners to add value to.