Green Glue Compound is a sound isolating visco-elastic material that is used in constructions and renovation projects in order to absorb sonic waves, which travel between floors, ceilings and walls, with its suspension characteristics.

When applied between layers, which form the floor, ceiling, and dry wall systems, it prevents most of the noise transfer from one room to another. Unlike its equivalents in the market, it preserves its density after the application and it does not solidify or get dry.

Green Glue Sound İnsulation Clips: It separates the two sections of a wall and enables them to vibrate separately in order to increase sound insulation. If it is used with GreenGlue Compound, it provides 95% more sound insulation compared to the wall constructed with traditional methods. Since they are specially designed to isolate low frequency sound waves, these clip-supported walls are used for the insulation of bass sounds like the sounds of the home theaters or sound systems.

Green Glue Sound İnsulation Paste: It is used for closing cracks on the ceilings, walls, and floors in order to prevent sound transmission. It can be applied easily with a silicone gun. For best results, it must be applied to all corners and connection points.

GreenGlue Beam Tape: It is used against footstep and squeak sounds. Green Glue Beam Tape is applied to beams and flooring with its adhesive side facing downwards. In addition to sound insulation, it also provides heat insulation due to its low heat transmission coefficient and it increases energy preservation. It can easily be applied to non-flat surfaces and it would not brake. It will not affected by weak acid, alkaline and mold.

Areas of Use

For sounds that travel between rooms through the interior walls

For sounds caused due to the joint beam indirectly

Sounds from air wells and heating-cooling channels

Doors and windows that are the sources for exterior noise

On the ceiling in order to isolate the footstep sound coming from upstairs